I Like This Car

Everyday I always find this aqua blue Toyota Avanza car on the streets and it is sometimes parked near Xavier Univeristy. I like it because it looks so cute and cool. I told my husband that whenever we will consider buying a new car, a Toyota Avanza would be my choice. Why? It is because it’s affordable and I think that it’s the only car we can afford as of this time. If not we will then consider buying used or second hand car.

I guess it will take a long time for me to have this kind of car. My husband told me that there is nothing impossible if I will try to save money starting today. Yes, he is right but it’s not yet our priority. But if I will be given the chance to have this car, my first option is to save money within 5 years. If my savings wouldn’t reach my expectation I would ask my hubby to apply for a fast auto loan. I believe he will qualify for it and there are now affordable auto loan rates available. The options to have this car are just there but I will still have to wait for the proper time. For now, I will just have to be contented with what God has given me.


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