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Kids Make Me Happy

Last Saturday we conducted a school reunion party for all our students. Our school is a pre-school and most of our students are now in grade school. When we I saw them last Saturday smiles were evident from their faces. I even can’t stop being so happy that day because they were still as cute as before. Added to that, they are now more talkative and they have more stories to tell. They were sharing stories about their present school, their teachers, classmates and their crushes. One parent told me that his son asked him to buy a flower for Valentine’s day because he want to give it to her crush. Wow… these kids are really growing up.

The kids enjoyed the games, the food and everything else at the reunion. They even asked me to have a talent showdown. So, I grouped them and asked them to give a presentation in front of their classmates. When I called each group, I was so amazed with their presentations and I couldn’t stop laughing at them. The groups gave a drama presentation, there was a dance number and a rap performance. They totally gave all their best that day. I was so happy because they enjoyed dancing and singing together.

The reunion ended with a dance showdown of the students who volunteered to dance. I can say that they were all good dancers. I just hope that these kids will grow to become a blessing to their family as well as to their community.


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