What is a Bogie?

Bogie is my nickname. Some would spell my nickname as Boogie (a kind of dance), or Bogie referring to a thing. Just today, I browsed over the meaning of this word “bogie” and I was amazed with what I found. 
Source: Wikipedia 
A bogie (pronounced /ˈboʊɡi/ US: bō′•gē) is a wheeled wagon or trolley. In mechanics terms, a bogie is a chassis or framework carrying wheels, attached to a vehicle. It can be fixed in place, as on a cargo truck, mounted on a swivel, as on a railway carriage or locomotive, or sprung as in the suspension of a caterpillar tracked vehicle.


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  1. This was a fun post.

  2. interesting post about your name bogie. 😀

  3. interesting…I’m curious ba on what’s your real name..he..he..care to let me know?

    anyway, I recently bought a new domain for my blog Her_HisStory (http://genejosh-hyzyd.blogspot.com). It was changed to Her and History with URL http://www.genejostory.com.

    Hope you’ll update my account in your site..Thanks

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