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We’re currently conducting our VBS and I am so happy that the kids are enjoying the activity. For this year’s VBS, the main focus is all about SERVICE. The kids will be learning about serving family, friends, neighbors, community and Jesus. Today is our 4th day and our lesson is about serving community. I dismissed the class earlier because I wanted the kids to have an application about the lesson they have learned in class. I asked them to find ways how to serve their community. They all agreed to clean the streets next to their houses. So they went home.
After a few minutes, I was thinking if they really did their assignment. So, I went to the area where they were supposed to clean. To my surprise, they were really very serious about what they were doing. Some kids just came from their houses to get some dustpans and brooms. When they saw me, they were shouting my name and were very happy to see me. They even gladly introduced some of their family members.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a blessing to these kids. It is my prayer that when they grow up, they will truly become a blessing to their community.


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  1. So awesome.

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