The Levi’s Jeans

Two years ago, my cousin gave me her favorite Levi’s jeans. She gave it to me because it won’t fit her anymore as she had already gained weight due to pregnancy. I love the jeans and it fits me very well. Many people would compliment that I look good with the jeans. Last month, I wanted to wear again those jeans but sad to say, I can’t close the zipper anymore. Whoah! I have gained so much weight and my tummy is already flabby. What should I do?
I’ve read an article,”Weight Gain is Also Due to Overeating”. According to this article, exercise alone as a weight-loss method is particularly ineffective without paying attention to food intake, and increasing activity is not a free pass to ignore eating habits. Honestly, I don’t pay attention to my food intake. What I like to eat, I eat and I don’t care if it has high calories or not. I don’t even give time for exercise. Sometimes, a little bit of exercise could also trigger my asthma and that’s one of the reasons why I dislike exercise. 
When can I probably wear those jeans again? I guess I will have to pay attention to my food intake first. I should eat less and what is only necessary. No more junk foods and sodas, I hope… (LOL).


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  1. Sweetie, you are precious.

  2. really gie? as in?? Hahahah! that could still fit me a year after Trica was born… but sad to say , nu-on yun!! huhuh!! But I’m sure you can wear those again…all the best!

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  3. are you expecting na Gie??murag ulahi mi pirmi sa balita da!

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