God Knows Best

Laurie, the host of this month’s Thankful Thursday asked this question on here post:

Have you ever dropped a coin in the coin slot of a vending machine and not received what you wanted?

How disappointing it is to mash that button that says “Snicker bar” and receive a “Granola bar” instead. When this happens … you know for certain that something has gone wrong. How in the world could this crazy machine plunk out something that you did not want?

So what do you do when this happens. Kick the machine? Throw the granola bar in the trash? Get angry? Try again?

It is indeed a very disappointing experience when we want something and yet we end up not having it. We prayed so hard to God for something that we ever desire, but it seems that God didn’t answered our prayers. Most of our reaction to this kind of situation is to react on God or get angry with God. Do we really have the right to be angry with God?

Today, I attended the burial of my grandmother’s sister. It’s a very sad event in our lives when one of our relatives passed away. If we were the one to choose, we want God to heal her and be with us, spending time together. But God knows what’s best for her and for her family. Despite this loss, I am still thankful to God for a lot of things He has done today.

I thank God for this event in our lives because it gave us the opportunity to meet and bond with our relatives. We seldom see each other and during these times it feels like having a reunion. Thank God for the lives of our relatives.

Truly God knows what’s best for us and He always works for the good of us.

“All things work together to them that love the Lord…


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  1. Sorry for your loss my friend.

  2. I enjoyed your TT post and what a blessing to see your grateful heart even in the midst of loss and sadness. God is truly in control, even when we don't understand why things happen the way they do. Happy TT!

  3. So sorry about your great aunt. I really needed to read this post today. God does know best. I need to remember that.

  4. As you said: "Truly God knows what's best for us and He always works for the good of us." His plans for His children are for our good and His glory!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. anamie tinio galpo arcillas says:

    condolence… bogs everything happens for a reason. ingun pa ni bro, maniwala ka lng. sakto jud ka He knows whats best for us..
    au-au amiga. unta mgkta ta nu? miss ur laughs jud?!

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