What Happened to My Bloglist?

My cousin asked me about my bloglist because it wasn’t there anymore. Hmmm… I wonder what happened to this. I checked on the list and it has nothing. Everything on my bloglist was deleted. It was indeed a very big question because I haven’t edited something in my blog.
Well…well… I guess I just have to make another bloglist again. Anyway, I will just have to do this tomorrow. Got to go for now because I’m already sleepy.
How about you? What do you think happened?


P.S. I’m now updating my bloglist. Kindly leave a note if you want to be on the list. Thanks!


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  1. oh sorry to hear that…please add me..he..he..ur added in my list already….

    Our Adventures Together/
    Her and History
    Tasty Exploration

  2. Sorry sweetie.

  3. bogs it happen also to me, basta mag ilis u ug themes, maski lang gani testing lang na pag ilis nimo ug theme mawala xa, mao to ako sauna cge ko utro butang

  4. maybe t'was just like what happened to my "Lost World." jaran! nitunga lang kalit. maygani naa pa ko sa imo list hehehe tnx

  5. ging ka gwapa ba sa theme oi…kinsa nag buhat?

  6. the link is this one http://yovia.com/summercamps.html given bitaw sa Nickelodeon widget na opps..i do have a post about parentsconnect too lahi ra pod sya na opps…


  7. nice template…yeah mao to cya Bogie..does it happen to you..any suggestion? thanks so much…
    anyway, got a tag for u here…

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