Repainting the Classroom

It’s back to school time here in the Philippines and we are on the process of renovating and repainting our school. One of the major works we will be doing this week is the repainting of the walls in the classroom. We wanted the kids to find out something new when they go back to school. Aside from that we want them to like and enjoy their new home for the next 10 months of their lives. For now, we are still choosing the right colors for the wall. We prefer a color that is not so bright or dark to give our classroom a spacious look. As I have read online, one color for the walls and ceiling would give your room a wider and spacious look. Anyway, we hired an expert for that and I’m sure he’s good about it.

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  1. I bet it will look really nice when you are finished.

  2. wow! Im sure the kids will love it!

  3. nagstart na paint?

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