Bogie’s Retail Store

My husband always mention about his idea of putting up a small retail store. I am not buying his idea yet because I know that is still impossible as of this moment. He was having this idea because I am into selling stuff like women’s RTWs, and he told me that I am good at it. He suggested that, it would be good to have a store where we can put all items on display to attract more buyers. Anyway, if that happens, I’m sure it’s going to involve a big amount of money. The construction of the store would be the first thing to do and after that will be the stocks to be sold. We will then have to find some nice shelves to place all the items that we are going to sell.

Talking about shelves, I’ve found gondola shelves to be nice and very functional for my soon to be retail store. I like it because it has pegboards where you can use to put baskets and hooks as well. It also comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be placed anywhere you wanted to. In fact, this is now the most common shelves I’ve found mostly in retail stores. I’m planning to request a quote on this so that I can have an idea how much I would be spending for shelves alone.

Oh my! As I am writing this post, I’m beginning to like my hubby’s idea. But I believe this isn’t the right time yet. For now, I will just have to settle selling RTW’s to my friends. It would be nice then since I will not be spending on other bills. All I have to do is increase my “convincing power” to my friends. I guess I will just have to forget about Bogie’s retail store for now. I will just have to wait for the right time.


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  1. I love you sweet friend.

  2. naay disadvantage bogs, dili ka kalakaw2. hehehe.

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