I’m Beautiful and I’m a Winner!

Two weeks ago, I attended a two-day seminar/conference on leadership entitled “Failing Forward” Turning Mistakes as Stepping Stones for Success. It’s a seminar sponsored by EQUIP Philippines. Every lesson in the seminar was based on John Maxwell’s book “Failing Forward”. It’s a very encouraging seminar as it gave me great inputs on how to respond to failure. I have learned that when we experienced failure, what matters most is our right attitude.

One of the things that made me laugh during the conference was when the speaker asked the question… “How do you see yourself?” “Do you see yourself as a winner?” Only a few answered. So the speaker called us to stand and utter these words loudly with all of our hearts … “I’m beautiful and I’m a winner!” Everyone laughed and can’t even utter the word BEAUTIFUL. When we get to the word WINNER everyone was shouting… I’m a Winner!” LOL! The speaker even added that everyday we will have to do this. We’ll have to face the mirror and utter this phrase.. I’m beautiful and I’m a winner! I guess everyone of us were just shy to say about it but deep in our hearts we believe that in God’s eyes we are all beautiful and we are a winner!

Can you say that to yourself today?


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  1. Yes I am beautiful and I'm a winner!
    Amen 🙂

  2. hhahahahaha.. i forgot to make a post on this!

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