Paying the Hospital Bill

Two years ago, hubby’s grandmother was hospitalized. She suffered pain in her stomach and the doctors advised her to stay in the hospital for a week. While she was in the hospital, the doctors gave her treatment that was so expensive. That was because all the treatments were in vials in order that her stomach won’t get any complications.

After a week, it was time to pay the bills. It amounted to thirty five thousand pesos. Our cash during that time wasn’t enough to pay the hospital bill because we still have to wait for our money to be transferred in our local bank. We also don’t want to spend all of the remaining cash that we had because we still have to buy her medicines. But during that time, I never worry about how are we going to settle the bills because all of us have credit cards and we can always enjoy the advantages of credit cards. We can pay the bills anytime we want to. Hubby used his credit card to pay the bills. So without delay, hubby’s grandmother was out in the hospital in just a matter of minutes. Great isn’t it?


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