Are You Beautiful?

When can you tell that a person is beautiful?
My little students would tell me a person is beautiful because she has long hair. Other girls would tell, “Because she has nice hair clips.”
My teenage cousins would tell… “Because she has fair skin and wears nice clothes”
My friends would tell… “Because she wears fashionable clothes and stylish shoes”
All these are just a portion of what real beauty is. Real beauty comes from deep within you. A beautiful person is the person who has a good heart. Even if you are wearing the most expensive make up, the best acne products or the most luxurious gadget but your heart is not right then all these things are useless.
If you want to be beautiful, set your heart first. Make it right by putting all good things in it. Good thoughts, good memories, good experiences… Remove all bitterness and hatred then you will realize that God has truly made you beautiful.


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