Leadership Nuggets

We had our church mentoring class this evening and we talked about this compilation of quotations, “Leadership Nuggets. ” We were asked to choose two quotations that touched our heart and share our explanation in the group. We had a wonderful sharing time with our church friends.
These are the quotations:
“CREDIBILITY” is the foundation of leadership. People don’t follow your technique. They follow you-your message and your embodiment of that message.”
– James M. Kouzes ( Finding Your Leadership Voice)
In order to be a leader, a man must have followers. And to have followers, a man must have their confidence. Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably INTEGRITY.”
-Dwight D. Eisenhower (former US President)
“The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the CHARACTER.”
– J.R. Miller (The Building of Character)
“Nearly all men can stand adveristy, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him POWER.”
-Abraham Lincoln (former US President)
“A leader cannot demand what he has not earned. An earned authority in God’s economy is based on HUMILITY– a spirit of brokenness before God and man.”
– Stacy Rinehart (Upside Down)
“Leaders learn by leading, and they learn best by leading in the face of OBSTACLES. As weather shapes mountains, problems shape leaders.
-Warreb Bennis (Univ. of Southern California Professor)
CREDIBILITY” is one of the hardest attributes to earn. It’s the most fragile of human qualities. It is earned minute by minute, hour by hour, month by month, year by year. But it can be lost in a very short order if not attended to. Leaders are trusted when their deeds and words match.”
-Kouzes and Posner (The Leadership Challenge)
“The giants of faith all had one thing in common: neither victory nor success, but PASSION.”
-Philip Yancey
“I am far more effective today than ever before because of what I GAVE UP”
– Tom Chappel
“Ministry success is not measured here and now, but in eternity… so always minister with ETERNITY in mind.”
“I do nothing on my own… I always do what PLEASES Him.”
-Jesus Christ (John 8:28, 29)
Which quotation has touched your heart today? If you are a leader, what areas in your life you need to work on as a leader?


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