Mountain Buggy Duet Review

Our kids are our life’s most precious possessions; hence they only deserve nothing but the best. That’s why when you have two kids to carry around; you need to choose a travel system that will perfectly fit them both. Mountain Buggy Duet is one brand that’s worth considering for. What makes it distinct from the rest of its counterparts is its narrow width. The 63.5 cm width makes you feel like you are just pushing a single buggy! Therefore, you don’t have to fret about the idea of pushing it along a busy crowd or passing through doors. Furthermore, pushing this type of stroller is not a trouble at all with its pneumatic tyres allowing this thing to have a smooth glide regardless of any terrain. Each seat is 29.5 cm wide which adequately fits kids up to 4 years old. Using Mountain Buggy Duet makes you realize that sometimes good things come in tiny packages; a distinct quality that everybody raves about.


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