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I’ve read about this article just this afternoon and I was surprised with the changes that PPP will be doing starting this February. I hope the changes will be beneficial for all bloggers. Anyway, here’s an update about the changes. 🙂

The Oppapalooza PPP promotion currently in progress has been a great thing for us as a company. We are seeing increased activity across the board and overall I am very happy with the results. Every indicator points to our pricing change as being a positive thing, though I think we have some adjustments to make.

Oppapalooza ends the last day of January. On February 1st the following changes will be deployed:
1. The minimum cost per Opp will be set at $2.00
2. Changes to the TOS and PPP system will allow bloggers to take up to 3 sponsored posts per day and 4 link-only posts per day.

I am hoping this adjustment will provide more flexibility for advertisers and bloggers moving forward. Thank you all for your feedback and participation in guiding this decision.


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  1. Bogs, at least i’m learning… I’ve been your follower na hehe… Thanks for beautifying ‘my place’.

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