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My friend who is into online jobs has always been telling me about eBook reader and kobo reviews. Her online job requires her to have an eBook reader because she edits eBooks and other articles. Aside from her online job, she loves to read books and novels using her eBook. According to her, she has come across a lot of eBook reader and nothing is new about them except Kobo. Sounds new to me! 
She told me she loves using Kobo because it has a nice interface and download capabilities. She is actually using the Kobo ereader for Windows 8 consumer preview. This is one of the things I’ve heard from her…

 “It is definitely a priceless metro app on my laptop since it has a lot of nice features apart from the usual other boring ereader interface. Kobo is both for ereader and for downloading millions of titles to choose from paid or free. You can add items to your ebook library as well as let your friends borrow from you with the “borrow” feature. Indeed a nice portal for reading like Kobo ereader is definitely a nice catch like no other!” 

 Hearing about her love for the Kobo ebook reader, I am now getting curious about it and it makes me want to try this gadget too. Well, let’s see if it’s really what I wanted.


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