Down With Asthma Again

I didn’t go anywhere yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well because of asthma. I was having difficulty breathing and thanks to my inhaler and nebulizer I got rid of the attacks once in a while. However, I have to stay home because I don’t want the symptoms to be triggered which might me the cause for hospitalization, and I don’t like to be hospitalized. 
Most of the time I got asthma attacks because of allergens. I am allergic to pollens, dusts and smoke. I usually do away with people who smoke, even if they use expensive cigars from Famous Smoke, but that isn’t just good for my health. So whenever I am exposed to this kind of stuff, I got asthma attack. I have to avoid triggers because I am not very comfortable to be experiencing asthma. Shortness of breath, sleepless nights and worse you can’t even talk straight.
Today I’m still at home resting and hoping I will get better in the next few days.


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