I was privileged to be invited as one of the media partners in the PinkED Tea event organized yesterday by THRIVE, a breast cancer advocacy group in Cagayan de Oro that provides awareness about Breast Cancer and gives emotional support and fellowship to cancer survivors. 
The open forum with one of the best breast and cancer specialist in the country, Dr. Jose Rhoel de Leon was very informative. I have learned that early detection is the best prevention for breast cancer. Having a self breast examination a week after menstruation is also a must for all of us women. Karen Lluch, the president of THRIVE also gave encouragement that cancer is not the end as many people think. You don’t have to hide with it but you can get support from your family, friends and support groups like THRIVE. 
Everyone of us can also help THRIVE in their advocacy. We can help spread the word and be involved in their events and projects. Just recently, Spruce Designer Network has given all their support as one of the group’s partner. Spruce launched its “Spruce Pinked”, a shop for a cause project. For every purchase of Spruce Pinked footwear, 10% will go to THRIVE. The funds gathered will be used for their community based screening programs, providing assistance to women who can’t afford to have breast screening and tests. You can check out the shoes at https://www.facebook.com/SprucePH or visit you local Spruce shops.
The shoes are very affordable and they are very comfy too! I got my spruce pinked aika (black) yesterday and I like it. For only Php 425.00 you can now help the cause in fighting against breast cancer.

If you want to know more about THRIVE, you can visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thrive.cdo. You can also contact and invite them for lay forums at 0915-483-1225.


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