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Chloe is my husband’s niece. We are so fond of this little girl because she is so smart and very talented. Every time they come to our house, she never fails to call me and ask me to play with her. I wonder why, of all the people why me? (lol!) Maybe she thinks I’m one of her playmates… Anyway it’s always fun playing with her. Just today, hubby and I went to her school’s Closing Program. We are so proud of her because she got an award, Academic Excellence Award.. wow!!! Aside from that, her teacher asked her to sing for that event. Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss anything in the program.. so I took pictures… her mommy took pictures too and her daddy took video… (what a stage tita, stage mom, & stage

Chloe’s sang “Torete” with her daddy as the guitarist.. She sang so beautifully, you could not imagine at age four she can now hit the right keys… and doing some adlibs like Ohh.. whoo… (lol!) I think it’s in the blood, coz her mom is a great singer and her dad is a talented musician. .

Waiting for her turn to be called for the Nursery girls princess dance number…. I wasn’t able to take pictures when she danced because I was so amazed with her development in dancing… and I wanted to concentrate on the beauty of her dance. I remembered before she can’t follow simple dance steps maybe because she was still young then, but today she really showed her talent in dancing.

Sister Chloe together with her classmates also gave another dance number… dancing like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Sister Act.

Dancing is not over yet… All of them gave a dance finale of the song “I believe”… The program ended with a song from all students….

The activity made our little Chloe hungry… 🙂
Congratulations Chloe!!!


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  1. Wow,so talented.Congrats Chloe!!!
    Thank you Bogie for sharing your precious moments.

  2. she’s so cute!!..4 pa diay na cya?so talented!

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