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Weekend Snapshot # 1: “Chocolate”

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This is “Chocolate“. We were not the real owners of this dog, but we are the one who is taking care of him now since his real owners are busy with thier work. Most likely Choco is now ours.. sometimes his real owners Ken and Anna (my in-laws) just borrowed him for a day or a week. We were not quite really sure of his breed, but he is more likely to be a Havanese.

We have been busy last month since there were relatives who stayed in our house for quiet a long time.. and my husband and I realized that Choco has not taken a bath since we had visitors in the house. So, our weekend was spent in the house with our doggies.. giving them a bath. (I will mention the other dogs in my next post) Chocolate is so fresh now … Look at the pose.. I think he is proud that he is clean now.. (lol!)


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  1. chocolate is cute!!:)

    so, when did he have his last bath? LOL

  2. murag mga one month na..ha.haha..

  3. That’s the face of a contented pup! He’s in the right house.

  4. Welcome to WS! Chocolate is such a charming furry pal.

  5. Chocolate looks like a mixed breed. He looks like he has got a bit of the Westie blood in him.
    Have fun together with him, I’m sure he brings lotsa joy to you!

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