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  1. What beautiful young hands! Nothing’s better than the beach!

  2. very true! i love your post ^_^

    happy ws!

    mommy’s little corner

  3. it’s very nice gie!! :)pwd na pang postcard na pic.

  4. Missed going to the beach! Thanks so much Bogie for visiting me. see you around

    btw, I will link this to my new blog. hope you can link me here too – Thoughts & Beyond (http://tere, and this one Davao Food Trip ( Thanks a lot in advance!

    Have a blessed Holy Week sis!

  5. Wonderful idea for a photo!

  6. Lovely shot of the little hands in the sand.

  7. So much agreed with you.

  8. this is a very nice photo! how i wish everybody keeps the kid in us — care-free and artless 🙂

  9. this photo is very nicely taken…

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