Most of my love ones and relatives celebrated their birthdays this month. That is why I would like to greet these special people a BLESSED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. July 5 – My Uncle Jessie’s Birthday (My mom’s younger brother).

I wasn’t with them when he celebrated his birthday, but I asked God to bless him on his special day.

  1. July 6 – Claude’s Birthday (My Brother)

I wanted to see him on his special day, but he said he had training. Instead of me giving him a gift on his birthday, he’s the one who gave me a gift. It was a cute cellphone… Thanks so much bro for the gift. I am planning to also give him a simple gift when he comes back to CDO City.

I thank the Lord for a brother like him!

  1. July 17 – Ptr. Raul’s Birthday (Our Beloved Pastor and my Uncle)

He invited us to a special dinner at the hotel. The dinner was unique because Pastor is now health conscious, so most of the food served where really healthy food, but all of them were so yummy!!!

I thank God for his life, he is such a blessing in so many ways…

  1. July 17 – Lebbeus Chloe’s Birthday (Pastor’s Son…my cousin)

It was his 6th birthday. He celebrated his birthday with his classmates sharing burgers from Jollibee. He is really a lovable kid. One thing I like about this child is he is very obedient.

  1. July 18 – Chloe Alexandra’s Birthday (my niece)It was her 5th Birthday. She had a princess themed birthday. She even dressed like Princess Belle of Beauty & the Beast. She celebrated her birthday at school and we also had dinner at their house. I had so much fun opening her gifts… Lots of food and lots of gifts! She’s truly blessed.

6. July 22 – Kuya Jinggoy’s Birthday. I don’t know about his plan for his birthday. He is in Vietnam, but they will be coming here in CDO by the 24th. Hope to see you kuya… celebrate daun ha! (lol!)

7. July 24 – Ate Bem’s Birthday (my aunt). I don’t know how she will celebrate her birthday. I hope it will be a happy birthday for her.


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  1. ako hinde kasama dyan?? july 25 ako…hehehe….kaso wala party. anyway, came here to deliver a tag. hehehe….


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  2. july 21 ky nong jinngoy..ako sad coming na pero august pa! hahaha!!

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