Blame It on the Rain

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My husband didn’t have a good sleep last Saturday as the rain was so heavy and it didn’t stopped until last night. Even though the weather was not fine, we still managed to go to church, and were surprised to find out that only a few people went to church. This must be probably due to the heavy rain. As the church service ends, we never missed to pray to ask God to let the rain stop because the drainage here in our city cannot accommodate large amounts of water. I was afraid that there will be another flood that will affect other families. True enough there was another flood here in our city. As we went home, we noticed that the waters on the streets were high and we saw a lot of houses that were submerged with water. When we heard the news we find out that there were areas that experienced landslides and other areas are not accessible due to the floods. I guess the rain has caused a lot of damage in most of the houses here in Cagayan de Oro. Most people have lost their homes and their properties. There house needs to be renovated, including the ceilings, walls, kitchen sinks, toilets and etc. before it can be habitable. Thank God the rain has stopped now but the clouds are still gloomy. I hope this will be over.


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