Money on Trash

Do you throw your garbage right away? In my case, I don’t usually throw it away but instead sort it out to make money out of it. I organize all plastics, cans, and jars and sell them. I don’t get a lot of money from it but its good than just throwing it away. I have collected quiet a few garbage already and I’m glad that there’s a garbage buyer who came to our house today. I’m so excited to sell all the garbage I have collected becuase the last time I earned around 400 pesos. Today the garbage buyer took all our garbage but the sad thing I only earn 17 pesos becuase the the buying rate is 50 percent lower than before. The garbage buyer told us that this is due to the dollar rates. Is this true? Anyways, I’m thankful for the few pesos I got from my garbage. 🙂


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