My Brothers are Loosing Weight?

I went to visit my mom’s place today and greeted my family a Happy New Year. I was so happy to be with them and made some funny chats. I was surprised to see my two brothers, they were really big and I love to squeeze their fat round faces. I told them to loose some weight and stop eating too much. My older brother said they can’t stop eating because there were plenty of foods available this holiday season. Everywhere you go people would invite you to eat and they can’t refuse. My younger brother has never been thin in his whole life. Ever since he was a child he is already big and fat. He tried exercising but still can’t loose some weight because most of the time he lacks discipline. He even bought with him some videos that would help him to do exercise but they were just seen only once and after that no more. My mom told him that the only way for him to loose weight would be to take a diet pill. I guess this will work but he needs to take safe diet pills. Of course he shouldn’t take this without the doctor’s prescription.

It’s really hard for my two brothers to loose some weight. I hope after the holiday celebrations they will have to work this out seriously.


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