NO SMOKING please…

My hubby and I went to Camiguin last Tuesday and rode a barge to reach to the island. While inside the barge I saw this big sign “NO SMOKING”. I was so happy when I saw the sign because I don’t like to sit with smokers as I am allergic to a cigarette smoke and I’m asthmatic. I was inhaling the fresh air inside the barge because according to my biology teacher, the sea air is good for asthmatic because it’s Saline. After a few minutes, there is this good looking man who came near our sit and took his cigarette out. He was puffing like a dragon beside me and I was annoyed because my nose is getting itchy. I looked at him and he also stared at me. But I pointed my fingers on the “no smoking” sign telling him that what he is doing is not good. He looked closely to the sign and threw away his cigarette and went out. Thank God he knows how to read. (LOL!)


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