The Barge Ride

by Bogie

When I was still 7 years old my mom took me to Camiguin Island to visit her co-teacher there. I was so happy with that trip because I have realized that the world is too big and there are still places I haven’t been into. But there’s one thing I didn’t like about that trip… the barge ride. It is because I was so scared in climbing up that barge as I could see the sea water under. My feet were trembling and I couldn’t anymore move because I was too nervous. My mom told me to move and assured me that I will not fall but still I wasn’t moving. The porter came in and carried me up to the barge. Ha..ha..ha.. The people saw me and they were laughing. I felt so embarrassed at that time and promised never to be scared again. When we went home, we rode a barge again and that time I wasn’t looking down anymore as I climbed up but my feet were still trembling but I made it without the porter carrying me. Anyway, I guess all kids have passed this stage of being too fearful but what is important is we are able to overcome all our fears.

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