Planning to Get Fit

Early this afternoon, hubby and I talked about our plan of trying to get fit this year by eating the right kind of food and doing some exercise. He suggested that we should wake up early on a Saturday morning and will do some exercise at the Sports Center. I was so excited and quickly agreed on his plan. Wow! What an exciting activity for both of us. I was then smiling…

Suddenly, my hubby realized that his plan wasn’t that easy for him to do.He realized that when we go to a Sports Center, we will have to wear sports attire. So, he said that we’ll do the exercise at home. I said, that would not be possible because we have no more motivation to wake up early. He just answered, “Oh that’s one thing, I love to wake up late on a Saturday morning.” Toink! There goes our plan to get fit. (Lol!)


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