Going Green

When I’m cleaning the toilet or the kitchen sink, I usually end up having itchy hands due to the detergent and cleansers I used. I guess I’m allergic to it. Also, the smell of the cleansers often triggers my asthma even though I’m already wearing a mask. Sometimes I just ignore the symptoms and just take anti-asthma because I need to clean the house. 
Thinking about my health, I’m considering about using natural cleaning products. It would be nice to clean the house using natural cleaning products so that I will not have allergic reactions anymore.  For moms out there whose concern is their family’s health, it’s time for us to go green and choose natural cleaning products. You might want to try out Rusterizer, a natural cleaning product that is used to remove rust from concrete. It’s safe to use without killing plants as well as affecting the health of other family members.


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