Learning How to Arrange Flowers

Every Saturday, we usually have Bible studies for kids and teens. We taught them not just about the Bible but also character education. Since the mothers of these kids go with them during the activity, we decided to open a class for them. So, last February 21 was their first meeting and I find the mothers enjoying the activities.

Last Saturday, I was tasked to teach them the Topiary flower arrangement. I am so good about it, but I’m just sharing to them what I have learned from my culinary arts class. Since flowers are a bit expensive, I just told them not to buy but just pick some flowers on their garden or ask from their neighbors. The mothers did bring with them nice flowers and they were all excited for the lesson.

As I taught them the lesson, they easily got the idea on how to do it. I did not have a hard time teaching them as it was very easy for them. They were so happy with their work of art and I asked their kids to vote for the best flower arrangement. The kids happily voted for their parent’s work. They were really very eager to support their moms.

I hope these mothers will learn a lot as they continue to join in our gatherings.


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