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Early this evening, I felt pain in my mouth. I can’t eat well because the pain is so disturbing and I can’t open my mouth wide. I tried to check it using the mirror and it looks like a mouth ulcer. So I took our medical book to find out the possible cause. I have learned that the most common cause for mouth ulcers is a superficial damage from biting the inside of the mouth, or a scald from hot food and drinks. After reading the book, I have learned that it’s good to learn about disease symptoms so that we can get the right treatment at the right time. I have also realized that there’s nothing to worry because my mouth ulcer can get better without any treatment and it will just disappear after a week. Mouthwashes and pastilles may help ease the pain and speed up healing. When ulcers persist longer than three weeks, I will then need to see a doctor.
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