WFW: A Friend

I got this photo from heartlight.org and thought of sharing this as my entry to this week’s Word-filled Wednesday. This Proverb is indeed true. A friend will surely love you no matter what happens. Our friends may be sometimes called when things aren’t well with us, but God will surely love us no matter what.
Anyway, for more of WFW entries you can visit the The160acrewood.com -the home of Word-filledWedneday.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I love this WFW – so sweet!!

  2. Beautiful WFW post, have a blessed day !

  3. So cute, thank you ~

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW… so true – I'm seeing so many things (& Scritpure's too) regarding friendship this morning. Thx for sharing WFW with us~!

  5. beautiful! 😀 you are right, a friend loves at all times!

  6. Wisdom for Today says:

    I needed that. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. How true this is!! Thank you so much!

  8. Very nice WFW! Blessings:-)

  9. So sweet, and very true.

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