Getting Married in Two Weeks

I received a message from my friend today that she will be getting married two weeks from now. I was so surprised with the notice because I wasn’t expecting her to get married soon. She will be wed to an American man and they are now together in San Francisco. Until now she couldn’t believe it that she’s now far from the Philippines, from her parents and far from relatives and friends. But despite that, she is so happy with the wedding plans and she’s now busy preparing for the it especially getting herself fit and sexy before the big day.

Anyway, before she went to San Francisco, she had the opportunity to visit our classmates in high school at Chicago. She was supposed to stay in one of Chicago Hotels or Chicago Apartments but her fiancé refused the offer because they still have to visit one of San Francisco Hotels for their wedding. Wow! She’s truly enjoying life in the foreign land. I hope she will not experience nights of crying because she’s homesick.

I pray that God will bless on her wedding day. I pray that she will be surrounded with a lot of people who will support her as she is adjusting to living a new life and adjusting to a new culture.


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  1. Congrats to your friend.

  2. sori si ptrjohn ra ako guipa join yummy sunday.. super busy me..

  3. dili day ka mo attend sa wedding?he!he!

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