My Asthma Medicines

Four years ago my doctor prescribed me two anti-asthma medicines. One of which is used as prevention for possible attacks which is commonly termed as “preventer”. The second medicine is used as a “reliever”, a medicine that is taken when someone is already suffering from an attack. I find the medicines very effective. Before, I usually have frequent asthma attacks that sometimes I am hospitalized. After I have taken these medications I was very much happy because I only have few attacks in a year. Just that the medicines are very expensive. I even compared prices online and I found out that medicines here in the Philippines are more expensive compared to other countries. While comparing prices, I’ve found out that I can now buy my medicines through an online pharmacy. I like this idea because purchasing online can help me save time, money and energy.

My “preventer” medication is about to end next week and I hope I can find a more affordable medicine online. I am now dependent on my medicines and I can’t go anywhere without my medicines around. That’s how important these medicines are to me.


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  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. yes,it is an advantage to purchase on line

  3. I pray that you will stay well my friend.

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