Making a Birthday Invitation

My niece will be celebrating her 7th birthday tomorrow and she will be having a Hannah Montana Party theme. I visited her today and she gave me her birthday invitation. Her mom wanted to provide a custom printed invitation but she just gave birth this week and roaming around and looking for a shop that makes invitations would be very time consuming for her. So, I offered help and I was the one who made the invitations. I wanted to print the invitations on my printer but it didn’t gave me the right color due to insufficient ink. So, I have the invitations printed on a shop that makes nice invitations and custom business cards. Good thing, I find an affordable shop and it really gave me the details of the invitation that I want particularly the color.

I was happy to see my niece so excited about her birthday. When I send this invitation to her mom through email, her mom told me that she had a very big smile and kissed the photo on it. Anyway, I hope I can make more cute invitations soon.


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  1. Thanks Tita Bogie for making my invitation. It was beautiful and I had a blast on my birthday!
    ♥ Chloe ♥

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