SIAM by Krua Thai

by Bogie

Last December, my high school friends invited me for a dinner. My friend Sheryl suggested to dine at Siam, a Thai restaurant located at Lim Ket Kai Center.

I find the restaurant very nice. The ambiance is very relaxing and the entire place looks so neat and elegant. The light fixtures were properly designed as it creates the entire mood of the restaurant. In fact, it is very easy to locate Siam because there’s no other restaurant along Rosario Arcade that is well lighted. Gold art pieces were also placed on walls to create a Thai inspired atmosphere.
Their staff are very friendly and their food is yummy. If you will try to check their price list, you can say that it’s affordable but the serving is just good for 1-2 persons. In my own opinion, dining in this restaurant is a bit expensive but with the nice ambiance and yummy foods I think it’s just worth it.

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