Got a New Bag!

by Bogie
My friend Fe came home from Holland and brought me a new bag. Actually, it wasn’t just bag but she also gave me cologne and chocolates. But today, I will be showing you the bag she gave me. It is a big black back which truly suits my preference. I like bigger bags because I can place everything I want especially my school stuff. So without delay here’s the beautiful bag she gave me.

Thank you very much Fe! God bless you!

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1 comment

Fe March 13, 2011 - 11:15 am

haa char gi post man jud, ako bana ang una nakakita ani, xa nagsulti nako gi post daw nimo ang bag haa..

uy, send recipe atong cake be,e send lang bogs sa ako email, maynalang pohon balik ko NL, naa nakoy bag o panghinambog na lutuon haa..saon man ani waz mn jud t talent sa luto.


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