Wonderful Places to Visit in Brazil

It is always nice to visit and explore new places and Brazil is one of the best spot in the world to go for a vacation. More than its people’s hospitality, you will be amazed on the beauty and entertainment that this place has to offer. And if you happen to visit Brazil , do not forget to check these following spots and festivities that many of its tourists rave about:
Rio de Janeiro’s Annual Carnival
This is the country’s celebration of the last day before lent. Anyone who loves to party will definitely enjoy attending this joyous event highlighted with sensational dancers on their glamorous costumes with float parades.
Rio’s 125-Foot Statue of Jesus Christ
This spot is considered as one of the icons of world travel. A statue of Jesus with a stretched arms and a chapel that houses 150 people give a lot of interest to this country’s religious tourists.
You must not miss the 2 ½ mile stretch white sand of Copacabana beach situated a little further from the world’s famous Ipanema Beach.
Amazon River
Brazil has a lot of rare wild life inheritance and most of these are seen in its Amazon River . Macaws, jaguars, and piranha fish are just among them.
There are many more spots to uncover and more festivities to be enjoyed. So, if you think you are ready for all the adventure, check out Travelsphere.co.uk first for more info then go ahead and visit Brazil .


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