A Birthday Gift

Today is my mother-in law’s birthday. Her friends came here early morning to serenade her with birthday songs.
While her friends were singing I was reminded that I haven’t bought any gift for her. I am now thinking of a nice gift for her which I can buy later. She is now 65 years old and I was thinking of giving her fashionable prescription eye glasses. I wanted her to have a new look on her face especially that she is just wearing the typical classic eyeglasses for years now. The only thing that I need to ensure is the exact measurement for her glasses. Anyway, if I can’t find a perfect eyeglass for her I guess sunglasses will just be fine. A nice blouse and an umbrella would also be nice because those were her favorites.
To my mother-in-law, a blessed birthday to you! May the Lord grant all the desires of your heart.


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