Live Bands in Boracay

Boracay is everyone’s choice when it comes to summer getaways and adventures. It’s known to be one of the ultimate summer destination in the Philippines.

One of the things people enjoy in Boracay is the active night life in the island. There are many bars, clubs and not to mention the live bands that allows people to enjoy and have fun.

My husband had a chance to visit Boracay and he had a good time listening to live bands during the night. He finds the instrumentalists really cool and they were totally good at their craft. Since he’s also into bands and playing music, he can’t help but to also observe their instruments, rigs and styles.

According to my husband, band performers in Boracay are not just ordinary performers. Whether their bass player uses a yamaha – rbx170 at wwbw or just any kind of bass guitar, or their lead guitarists uses the latest branded guitar, they can still play good music because they are very talented and experienced musicians. No wonder people can’t help but dance to their music.
If you’re planning to visit Boracay, be sure you will not miss listening and dancing to the beat of the live bands in the island. 


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