High School Memories

The years spent in high school are mostly the years you will never forget in your life. I remember my first day in high school and I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of independence. I was a bit feeling awkward with my new world, but as soon as I met new friends it was then amazing memories started.
Here are a few memories that I will never forget during my high school days…
 Scouting is one of the fun and exciting activities we had in high school. The camping and over-night activities was much fun and at the same time everything we had as a learning experience.
 The Junior-Senior Prom was also memorable. Although we don’t have male partners (being in an exclusive school for girls) but still it was fun was everyone of us were very excited to wear make-up at that time.
The retreat was one of the most memorable. We were supposed to stay in a retreat house for 3 days but it was cut only for 1 day because we were very noisy. We were then transferred to our school were everyone of us still enjoyed our retreat even if we had to sleep on our classrooms.
Lastly, the most unforgettable one was our high school graduation. It was a happy event but at the same time it was a sad one because it was a time for us to say goodbye. Even though we didn’t have graduation rings for girls at that time, but our friendship and the fun memories we had together are still kept in our hearts. 


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