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Part of my schedule every Wednesday is to go to Oro Massage Center (one of the best massage center in our city). I don’t go for any massage here, but to give character education to the masseurs. It isn’t an easy thing to do, since I will be dealing with blind masseurs. In teaching them, I will have to be very creative and see to it that they really get the whole picture of what I am talking about.

Yesterday, our topic was about the character LOVE. I was so excited to teach them the topic since all them are so delighted to hear what the topic is all about. I began the discussion by asking them the question.. “What is Love?”.. They were smiling when they heard the question and prepared their answers. I asked them one by one and to my surprise one masseur named Randy answered the question as simple as this.. “ for me, Love is Blind, because I am blind…” Everyone was surprised by his answer and that made everyone laugh.

Is love really blind? I think the masseur was just being funny when he answered the question. In my own opinion, love is blind in the sense that, loving is never looking at the imperfections of the person, as the saying goes… “Love covers the many facets of sins…” When we love a person we should love them in spite of their imperfections. We should love the person even if the person doesn’t deserve our love.

Many people out there don’t deserve our love, but we need to be blind by not looking at their imperfections and weaknesses so that we can love them with all of our hearts. It is in this blindness that we can truly see the real essence of love.


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  1. hi gie! the writer in youis coming out na ha?,,,hehehe! I’m enjoying reading your blogs..:)

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