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My younger brother loves anime and loves to collect anime movies. Every weekend, he will not go home unless he hasn’t bought an anime DVD. He loves to spend his weekend watching those movies and whenever I have the time I also watched with him. After several moments of watching those anime movies with him I also got addicted to it. I was addicted with Samurai X, One Piece, Naruto and etc. I just couldn’t name the other movies because that was a very long time ago. Sometimes the movies were dubbed in a different language but we still enjoyed watching it. I thought watching those movies are just purely entertainment, but I was wrong. I have learned to become familiar with Japan’s history and as well as it’s places and cities. What a great learning isn’t it? Now that I am married, I don’t often watch anime movies. I only watch if I have the time. But my brother is still watching and collecting this kind of movies.

Are you an anime lover just like my brother? You can browse the internet to find out the latest anime movie or anime collection. You can also have a Free Anime Chat with different people who love anime. It’s good to visit a website where you can meet and chat with people of the same interest as yours.


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