Noise Affects You

Most of the foreigners that visits Asia or the Philippines would be struck with the loud noises in public places. Noise is everywhere from traffic, construction noise and to music from tiny shops and houses. I think the noise in public places is normal here in the Philippines and we are used to it.
When I was on my way home today, I found the City Capitol ground crowded and was too noisy. There was a local band playing music because it’s a pre- City Fiesta activity. The people seemed to enjoy listening to the band and did not care if the music was too loud. When I arrived home, I noticed that one of our neighbors is having a party. They were having fun singing songs through the Videoke. Their noise could be heard around the neighborhood but nobody seemed to care about their noise. In fairness to the group singing, their voice was great! That’s why even if they were noisy I still enjoyed listening to them. I just hope they will stop singing before midnight. LOL!
Anyway, doctors all over Asia are now concerned about our “being used” to the loud noises. The doctors believed that as we are getting used to loud noises our ears could be prone to infection and we are also prone to stress related illnesses. Much more , these noises can impair our child’s ability to concentrate and learn. Oh, I should avoid noisy places to protect ear as well as my health.


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