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Yummy Sunday: Camote Tops

This is the usual vegetable salad we have at home. The green leaves are called “camote tops” a common Filipino vegetable which is usually called in Tagalog as “talbos ng camote”. I love eating this with porkchop or fried fish. Yummy!

By the way, I have learned that “camote tops” are rich in iron and they are good for treating dengue. There’s still no therapeutic claim on this but I found it to be very effective especially that my cousin’s family used “camote tops” by making “camote tops” juice whenever they have fever. I have tried it last July and I find it very effective as well as healthy too. Sound’s interesting? Why don’t you try it too.

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  1. uY! you have green and leafy veggies as your YS entry ha? I wonder when pa kaha na mahitabo sa ako..heheh!

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  2. yes, camote tops juice is delicious if you put calamansi juice with it. Try it, pagtanaw mo sa juice kay morag strawberry.

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