The Surprise Christmas Party

Last December 8, 2009 we have planned a surprise party for my cousin’s family (they are God’s workers in Thailand). It was an advanced Christmas party for the family because they will not be spending Christmas here in the Philippines. It’s a church activity and I was the one who coordinated it. I have been thinking and praying about it a lot of times because I want it to be a special party for them. We all agreed to give gifts to the family, at the same time we also planned to wear something red for the affair. Since my cousin’s family didn’t knew about the plan, we just brought them red shirts and gave it to them during the party.
It was truly a joyful fellowship with one another. I just thanked God for giving me wisdom and for giving me church mates who were so supportive about the plan. Truly the Lord ordered everything that everyone of us truly enjoyed the event. My cousin and her family were truly grateful about it and end up the party with tears of joy.


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