Currently at the Hospital…

Our plan of going to the beach was postponed. Instead, I was brought to the hospital because I was all the more weak. I was having difficulty breathing due to my asthma. Now, I am her at Polymedic Medical Plaza and I thank God I am feeling better now. The doctor told me yesterday that I am good to go home today but last night I had another asthma attack which made the doctor decide to let me stay for a while. He told me earlier this morning that my asthma is so irritant that despite the medication he still can’t predict when will the next attack to happen. I am hoping that I can go home tomorrow, so that I will not be shocked when the hospital bill comes. LOL! Anyway, I am always expectant and thankful for God’s overflowing provisions…

To all my family and friends who visited me, thanks so much for giving your time. To all who prayed for me thank you so much… I truly appreciate it. For all the people who have assisted me here in the hospital, your lives are truly a blessing. Times like these increases my awareness that God truly loves me because he surrounds my life with good and caring people.

To God be the glory!

(P.S. Special thanks to my in laws Ken and Anna for letting me borrow their SmartBro, my life in the hospital is a bit colorful now because of FB and blogging.LOL! Thanks for your generosity.)


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