Nap Time

At school, we usually give our pre-school students a time to rest. This is what we call nap time. Whenever it is nap time, kids would know that they will have to rest for a while, close their eyes and no more talking.
One time, we let our students take a 15 minute nap. After 15 minutes, I told them to wake up, and one student didn’t bother to get up and his classmates wondered. I called his attention but it seems he couldn’t hear me. I thought he was just acting. So, I went to him and I was so surprised to find out that the little kiddo had fallen asleep. I was laughing and I never bothered to disturbed him while he sleeps.
I wish I can sleep like that child. In just a matter of minutes, he can immediately sleep without using any sleep aids. Not like me, I still have to read books, watch TV or use the laptop just to get myself feel sleepy. But somehow, I am still thankful to God that despite my situation, I can still sleep and enjoy the rest of my activities.


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