Is Your Colon Clean?

Actually, I am not very sure about my answer to this question. I am not sure whether I have clean colon or not. Most medical experts believe that a person is said to be healthy if his colon is clean. In today’s recent advancement in science there are a lot of ways where we can cleanse our colon. You can either cleans your colon by taking pills, herbal products or you can opt for natural colon cleansers. My aunt choose to cleans her colon through the use of enema. She has been doing this for years now and she told me that the enema helped her a lot especially in having regular bowel movement and removing toxics in the body.
I haven’t tried cleaning my colon using enema, pills or herbal products. One thing I do is I drink a fiber enriched drink to help me in my bowel movement. So far, it is quiet effective on my body and I am hoping this drink would also help in cleaning my colon.


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