3 Tips for Starting a Wine Collection

by Bogie

Whether you have decided to start a wine collection as a hobby or because you are interested in accumulating some wealth, know that this collection, like any other, requires commitment. Wine collecting requires space, too, and as the collection grows, the space needed will grow, too. Wine storage racks help keep your collectibles safe and organized. Additionally, it helps you maximize the space you allot to them.

wine collection

Here are three wine collecting tips for beginners.

Start Small 

Maybe you are starting this wine collection because you want to impress the crowd with your wine knowledge and finds, but as you begin on this journey, consider starting small. This is a good time to get your footing. Consider getting to know local wine collectors, local wine groups and nearby locations where wine auctions are held. By getting to know the lay of the land in your area, in terms of other local wine enthusiasts, you will be making connections and opening yourself up to future networking opportunities.

Remain Focused 

If you are starting a wine collection, it probably means that you have a passion for wine. It probably also means that you have developed a preference for specific wine types, flavors and even color. As your wine collection starts to grow, you may find that it is tempting to get on-board with the trend of the moment. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, you are advised to remain true to yourself, your tastes and focus. If a particular trend will mean adding an investment to your collection, that is great if it is what you want. Some trends end up being too good to be true and instead, lead to a loss and wine that will get tossed out.

Stay Organized 

As your wine starts to accumulate, it is important to stay organized. Keeping solid inventory records means you will always know what you have on-hand. The less you handle your wine, the better the condition of the wine. You are also advised to keep all purchase documentation including receipts and certificates. This documentation will come in handy when you have your collection appraised, and necessary if you ever have to file an insurance claim. If your passion is wine, starting a wine collection is an exciting journey.

Starting small, remaining focusing and staying organized helps ensure the journey will be enjoyable, too.

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